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Something about the sophomore album from Tired Lion stuck with me this year. It’s sound is so cool and effortless but also very raw. My addiction started with ‘Lie To Me’, the third album track. I heard it on some indie round up playlist, the simple structure and honest guitar riffs pulls genres together yet having a comforting familiarity. And it's also kind of ‘girly’ but not in the sense of the definition of the word- It’s relatable as a woman I guess. The last couple of years social media has been up in arms about the man heavy music industry, so to hear a woman on an album making cool rock songs that are authentic is refreshing. Even over the Tired Lion socials, there is no bonus image or forced branding which makes me like them even more. The tone across the album stays pretty much the same making it an easy listen. Some like title track, ‘Breakfast For Pathetics’ up the angst and tempo to give more of a punch to its indie-come-grunge tone, whereas tracks like ‘Screw You, Man’ slows the pace right down but still carries the same attitude behind the lyrics. I feel like bands like Tired Lion could have a huge impact on alternative music given the chance. Watch this space.


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