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This is a band that I talk about A LOT. During 2020 October Drift released debut album ‘Forever Whatever’ and it’s best played loud. October Drift have such an authentic sound to their music, a band that no doubt put a lot of energy and work into what the create and you can hear it in every beat. All of this is reflected throughout the record. The fast tempo of persistent guitars with a driving pound of a snare that you can almost feel takes the experience of listening to this record to the same feeling from a live show. ‘Cherry Red’ is a familiar track on the album, previously released yet now reworked within the same atmosphere as the rest of the record. Each track sets the tone for the next, yet all give you a completely new feeling. A highlight for me is ‘Cinnamon Girl’ which pulls you back and forth through the versus and then drops you into a big chorus thats bursting at the seams. Then comes ‘Naked’ a much more sensitive and delicate track, contrasting to the fast paced album so far but still standing as an important track here. October Drift are a self-sufficient band whose sound is so much bigger than what they can contain - get these boys back on the road.


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