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Elessar to release new single ‘Vices’ 26th March

’Vices’ is the latest release offered up from Gloucestershire 3 piece Elessar, and Spilt Milk just can’t get enough of this brazen track.

It seems to emerge boldly from a quiet period, boasting a confident direction in sound. It leans into Elessar’s familiar gritty rock but it has been strongly infused with dance vibes that wouldn’t be too far misplaced among a more pop-heavy playlist. The track doesn’t leave you behind as a driving beat keeps the energy up while prominent guitar dances over the track. Suddenly the track twists into a club scene with distorted vocals and a more electronic beat, this keeps the track interesting for me. Lyrically the track follows suit in its blaring confidence and honesty as it explores themes of toxic relationships that you can’t seem to pull away from even though you know it’s bad for you. “HAVE YOU EVER DONE SOMETHING, DESPITE TELLING YOURSELF MULTIPLE TIMES THAT YOU SHOULDN’T? WELL THAT’S VICES IN A NUTSHELL.” It’s candid approach to the themes are interesting in the way that we confront the issue rather than letting it become overwhelming, like this could easily have become a sad song but instead it’s powerful and boisterous.

Accompanied by a shiny and distorted video (to be released 9th April), Vices will get stuck in your head and you won’t be able to get enough, even if you try. Overall a strong entrance back into the ring for Elessar.

Vices will be released 26th March 2021 across streaming platforms. Pre-save on Spotify now


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