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Introducing new kids on the rock/pop scene; Melwood. The Liverpool based five piece have recently dropped their first, independent self titled EP, boasting influence from the likes of Movements, You Me At Six and Moose Blood. If you like pop-rock and if if you like big choruses you will most probably like Melwood.

‘Self Worth’ opens the EP with melodic guitars and sets a bouncy pace as the track builds up through the first verse. You can hear the influence of bands like Moose Blood here. The chorus pops through with catchy lyrics and harmonic vocals. A driving beat moves your body along with the track as it builds again before breaking the sound down a little, letting the vocals really take lead. ‘Heavy Breathing’ ups the pace with a frantic intro that’s saturated with more of an alternative rock influence which would have a crowd moving from the off. As the verse eases in, a strong baseline carries the pace and backing vocals layer up adding depth to the track. The chorus here is more pop-punk than before, and is probably my favourite on the EP. The energy twists through the track, but demanding drums keep the power up infusing a degree of excitement behind the track. ‘Wither’ sits in the middle of the track and immediately feels more upbeat and therefore lightens the mood of the EP. It put me on mind of early stuff by The Maine which gives the track an almost nostalgic case. Also major Knuckle Puck vibes on this track too. ‘Wither’ carries the upbeat energy and deep sound from the first two tracks, keeping the consistency in overall sound. Later in the track a dancing guitar solo takes over, showing the skill these boys possess. ‘Amsterdam’ is a standout track here, it’s got a beautifully layered, melodic intro that sets up the track, and goal through the verse seem to have a hint more passion and emotion behind them. This track features Kiani Geldard, who delivers a beautiful verse, lifting the track up a little further while complementing what has already been laid out. ‘Sombre’ closes the EP, beginning at a slower pace and with softer vocals setting out more of a muted emotion. Prominent guitar carries the vocals through the start of the track , before both pick up tempo and inject more energy into the sound. The energy picks right up, bursting with emotion and gang vocals.

Overall it’s a tight EP! The five track sets out a platform that represents Melwood really well. It gives us an idea of what their sound is and what it could grow to be. For me, I want to see these boys really push the limits of their songwriting and give us a bigger and bolder version of what they are now.


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