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REAL COOL to release their highly anticipated single ‘It was love’ on September the 8th

“It Was Love” is a song reminiscing about the early stages of a relationship and missing the wild, youthful moments that it presented. It is the latest, self produced release from Birmingham group REAL COOL. The song tells the story of meeting ‘your’ person for the first time and being totally consumed by them. This is reflected in the intimate instrumentation in the early stages of the song. As the song progresses into its anthemic, digital choruses, the turbulence of the ups and downs in love is reflected, creating beautiful moments of calm and chaos for the listener to get lost in.

REAL COOL formed in January 2016; made up of brothers Thomas and Jacob Barton and close friend Ellis Garratt. Their sound delivers a nostalgic feel with a modern aesthetic. REAL COOL’s music is crafted around soft synths, delicate piano lines, intricate rhythms and relatable lyricism. As a product of both heartbreak and big dreams, the band strive to write songs that listeners can connect with.

Hailing from a small town just outside of Birmingham, UK, REAL COOL released their debut EP ‘WAYBACK!’ in 2017, which has now achieved over 250,000 streams online. Following the success of the EP, they embarked on a U.K. tour the following summer and have since then gone on to play a plethora of shows - sharing the stage with artist such as Fickle Friends.

REAL COOL now self produce and record all of their music in house. This new way of working ensures that the band consistently release music that is true to them with no ceiling or boundaries on creativity. REAL COOL is designed for the future


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