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Nobody Like You - New single from All Ears Avow - OUT 29TH MAY

Photo : Courtney Brock

Nobody Like You’ is the latest track from South-west four-piece All Ears Avow. This track has done the distance ahead of its release, appearing on the band’s set list for the most part of the year. With each song they put out, All Ears Avow are really nailing their sound and seem to have come to their own comfortably in a bouncy pop world and topped with a hint of their rock roots.

‘Nobody Like You; is certainly no exception and it seems almost effortless for All Ears Avow to put out solid pop tunes. This is a fun track that’s also sassy and has a ridiculously catchy chorus with ADHD. The energy dips through verses before bouncing off the walls in the chorus as a driving rhythm asserts its way through the track and keeps you moving. Guitars add a little grit as they dance over well delivered vocals. Live, this track is always a hit too, and even if you haven’t caught All Ears Avow live recently, this track sits with a familiarity from their overall sound.

‘Nobody Like You’ - Available on all streaming platforms 29th May

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Elena C
Elena C
Aug 20, 2021

Greaat reading this

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