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If you’re looking for a kind of rock-funk-blues fusion with a hint of jazz to get you through the lockdown then Death Is A Girl is for you. New single ‘Spectre’ allows you to groove around in your bedroom or start a mosh pit in your living room, or stick it on repeat and do both! The track gives us a flavour of what’s to come from new EP ‘Tails’.

It’s got a punchy intro that draws you in from the start that leads into a melodic vocal from Joe Green, setting up the narrative bringing us right into the track. It tells a passionate tale of an ominous sort of character that underpins the story. The tempo gradually accelerates through as Green builds the layers o0f drums and keys up, still carrying the punchy guitar line which underlines the track. Later the energy twists and dips keeping us on our toes before exploding with more energy and allowing Green’s impressive vocals to take over.

‘Spectre’ is an exciting track that’s passionate and groovy, and certainly worth giving a listen. For fans of of Prince and Rick James, with a dash of Deftones and the rocking musical vibes of Jeff Buckley, QOTSA and sprinklings of Mars Volta. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!



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