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If you are smart enough to be following the guidance from the government in light of the coronavirus pandemic, then you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in your bedroom. A lot more than usual, even for us introverts. But out of the dragged out days of trying to kill time, and the fact that you can’t actually nap for 24 hours a day (try me) can sprout beautiful projects of creativity - you’re favourite independent music zine is back right - point proven.

So I’m putting a couple of projects in the spotlight so we can all appreciate just what can grow from a strange time like this. Whether it’s a new project, or something that has been sat on, suddenly the confidence to put it out there for us all is certainly admirable.

Some of you likely know Conal Kelly, previously front man in indie-dreamy-shoegaze outfit Watercolours and now solo artist taking the Bristol scene by storm. Conal is working on a series of cover requests from his bedroom, recording and mixing them in under 24 hours before releasing it onto Soundcloud. Of course they’ve been broken down and reworked in Conal’s style, infusing the originals with a dreamy synth-y new sound. Head over to Conal’s Soundcloud to give them a listen and see what track he covers next!

Franklin Murray has been writing from his bedroom for a while now with everything he does being kept under wraps and not seeing the daylight. Until now. He has released a track into the world in form of ‘The Dreamer’. It’s a simple and honest track, with the writing style being reminiscent of the likes of Alex Turner/Arctic Monkeys, a lot like No Buses in its intro and then spiralling into what feels like it could have easily been on the Submarine soundtrack. Although Franklin is the first to admit that his vocals restrict him, he has a really smooth tone to his voice, which is tainted by a little grit which only emphasises the emotion that he puts into his writing. Check out ‘The Dreamer’ on youtube now.


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